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A poem about memory

Forget us not  For we will always be with you. Though we have faded in your mind The essence of our love still remains. Love, a word reserved for you. I hope my hands can reach yours and your mothers. She cares for you with the same care that I held for her. And hear … Continue reading A poem about memory


There is something to be said of Dreamers. Dreamers reach for something beyond their own minds, their own abilities. They stretch themselves to touch the point they dream of. They mould themselves into shape to face the challenges that are brought to them.  The dream itself does not want to be achieved. Freedom lies within … Continue reading Dreamers

Thoughts: 00:06

It’s been a while once again, some things have changed, others have stayed the same. I just have a few thoughts. I want to become a person who lives for her creative ideas, a person who finds inspiration in everything and everyone around her. Someone who goes and sits on a bench beside a road … Continue reading Thoughts: 00:06

A poem

Here is where I build my world, In the spaces of time, around the muted stories, Reaching to touch a wave as it breaks- In their mind, spread on the ground beneath you, Watch as he paints the wooden ceiling, the floor Coloured the soles of their feet. Rise and shout, for the wind will … Continue reading A poem

Me and Studio Ghibli

“It is the fate of modern life that we repeatedly lose touch with nature, the environment, the planet. But we try to regain it again and again. It’s like a circle. In children’s hearts and souls when they’re born into the world, nature already exists deep inside them. So what I want to do in my work is tap into their souls.” Continue reading Me and Studio Ghibli

Introduction: Me

Hello!  How does it feel to be the one who discovered something? (I’m not going to say this is going to be anything special, but I hope it can be something which someone looks forward to reading!) This is my first ever blog entry, I don’t know whether I started this for selfish reasons or … Continue reading Introduction: Me

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