Thoughts: 00:06

It’s been a while once again, some things have changed, others have stayed the same.

I just have a few thoughts.

I want to become a person who lives for her creative ideas, a person who finds inspiration in everything and everyone around her. Someone who goes and sits on a bench beside a road just to watch the traffic, and question why each person had gotten into the car in the first place.

I want to be able to express feeling of sneezing alone when there is no one to say ‘bless you’, or the feeling when there is someone but they do not say a word.

I want to write about my ideas, to share them with others. To create poems and comics and stories and songs, paintings and sketches and collages and whatever else I decide.

I’ll find inspiration in everything that surrounds me, I will find a way to express the abstractions within my mind.

For now, here’s a two photos of a bench at a bus stop by the side of a road.

Signing off,


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